Marc Robledo

About me

I'm a 35 years old freelance web, software & videogames developer. I started coding on my own when I was a child and, since then, I've been progressing onto new languages and technologies. I keep discovering new web possibilities daily!


A Game Boy videogame prototype coded purely in assembly language. This was my degree's final project, and one of the most important challenges I ever had.
Dracula Prototype
A run and gun videogame using a custom HTML5 videogame engine built off of the ground. It was abandoned due to lack of time, but I keep it here as a PoC prototype.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Savegame editor
A web app that allows you to edit your ACNL map, items & a lot more!
It had been the truly first HTML5 savegame editor back in the day.
Savegame editors
A compilation of more savegame editors released after the HTML5 savegame editing proof with ACNL.
Includes editors for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Kid Icarus Uprising and more!
Rom Patcher JS
A web app capable of applying (and creating) IPS, BPS, xdelta and other patch formats to retro videogame ROMs, directly from your web browser.
SFV Checker
An online CRC32, MD5 and SHA1 file integrity calculator. No file upload is required, magic is done by the web browser!
A customizable sound panel, just for fun. You can easily customize it with your own sounds and upload it anywhere, then being able to access it from your smartphone at anytime.
RetroArch Playlist Editor
This web app allows you to create and edit .lpl playlist files for RetroArch. Useful to manage playlists in handheld RetroArch versions.
A lightweight web app that compiles all the locations of all Pokémon across every game in the series. Find Pokémon information quickly and keep track of your Pokédex progress!
Massive File Renamer
A web app that can be used to build a script file that will massively rename your file names.


I also like talking about videogames! Currently I participate in three podcasts (spanish speaking only).

Videogame hacking

I've also done some reverse engineering to a bunch of old console videogames.